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Material and technical base

For the organization of educational process and scientific researches the department has the necessary material and technical base. On the basis of the department there are 7 specialized laboratories: sewing laboratories, computer labs, a research laboratory.

Sewing laboratories are equipped with modern industrial sewing equipment, where students undergo continuous industrial training, and there is also a computer class for working with the Sapr Grafis, Arm-Technolog and Gerber computer-aided design systems. In laboratory classes, students are engaged in the construction of drawings of patterns for the product being designed.

The department “TKIT” constantly updates laboratory equipment and replaces outdated devices. As a result of the implementation of laboratory work on new equipment, a student acquires knowledge of advanced methods for processing parts of outerwear, skills in compiling the technological sequence of manufacturing products, skills in practical implementation of technological operations, and competence in developing new clothing technologies. The department is provided with the necessary amount of equipment for training and work purposes, which makes it possible to more fully unleash the creative potential of the teacher and free up the necessary time reserve for preparing for classes.

The laboratories of the TKIT department are equipped with specialized equipment that allows to carry out research work on the specialty “Technology and design of products and goods”. Sewing laboratories have the following sewing equipment: industrial grind sewing machine JK-899DY-4SS (with built-in motor); industrial grinding sewing machine TYPICAL GC-18M; special semi-automatic machine (hinge) TYPICAL GT 670-01; industrial two-needle sewing machine TYPICAL GC 9750 MD3; computer-controlled sewing machine (zigzag) TYPICAL GT 856-D-318; two-needle, four-thread overlock JK-ANGUS-4-514-M03 / 333; 862 industrial leather sewing machine; embroidery machine RICOMA with software; the duplicate press of the Anysew AS-F600 type; steam generator with Silter mini iron 1 liter.

The research laboratory of designing products of light industry allows carrying out research works of young scientists studying in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies under the guidance of scientific leaders. The scientists of the department carried out experimental installations allowing to determine the durability of a package of materials, decatirovannye properties, the coefficient of friction of the threads, the thermophysical properties of the package of materials for winter clothing and the fatigue durability of a package of materials of clothing for extreme sports.