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Scientific activity

The department has a high human potential for research, which allows for active scientific work. For 2018, the department staff published 101 scientific publications, including 1 textbook and 1 textbook, 4 articles in journals recommended by the Committee, 19 articles published in Sсopus, Thomson Reuters, 46 CDP reports and 17 patents.

According to the results of research, 14 patents for an industrial design, 3 patents for a utility model, 1 positive decision to grant a patent for an industrial design and 12 applications for obtaining a patent of an industrial design were received.

The department of 24 people – 12 young scientists (Candidate M., Bolysbekova RT, Ongarbaeva Z.B., Danadilova Zh.E., Talaspaeva AA, Aidosova KP, Kiyabaeva SK, Kamalbaeva K.K., Baymakhanova MB, Chukenova MB, Adambekova Zh.K., Abenova I.R.). Young scientists take part in exhibitions, international and republican conferences, in 2018 they published 11 articles and 8 reports. They take an active part in foreign international scientific conferences.

Grant funding for 2017-2018 NATAD Tech Garden-EEST “Materials of a new generation of special purpose”, project leader, Dr. Sc., Professor Zhilisbayeva R.O.

Project concept:


Problem solving: textile and clothing enterprises will increase their incomes and strengthen their competitive advantages in the market by using the proposed new technology for the production of nonwoven, fire-resistant materials.

Area of implementation: the resulting development will be implemented in textile and garment enterprises, where potential firefighters are workers, metallurgical plants, military structures, transport and construction enterprises.


In the 2017-2019 academic year, the implementation of state budgetary and initiative research 1. “Development of an information database of constructive-technological solutions for various-purpose clothing based on scientific design methods” Head of research: Ph.D. prof. Nurzhasarova M.A. Performers R & D: Ph.D., Acting Associate Professor Talgatbekova A.Zh., Ph.D., Acting prof. Kucharbaeva K.Zh., Ph.D., PhD doctor and. prof. Sarttarova LT, Art. prep. Grigorieva OV, Art. prep. Skardova V.B. Art. prep. Aidosov K.P. prep. Candidate M., prep. Bolysbekova RT, prep. Ongarbaeva Z.B., prep. Danadilova Zh.E., doctoral students: Dzhusupova – Parfilkina IM, Rustemova AO, Nurbay S.К. undergraduates: Adambekova J., Katish A., Zhekebaeva A., Momysheva D., Yunusova D.

  • Name of research: “Development of scientific principles of design and production technology of special-purpose garments with the use of domestic raw materials” Head of research: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor R. Zhilisbayeva Performers of research: d.t.n., and. prof. Usenbekov ZH.U., Ph.D., associate professor Seitov B.Kh., Ph.D. and about. Associate Professor Iztaeva AA, Art. prep. Moldagazhieva Z.D. Art. prep. Talaspaeva A., Master student: A. Zhaikenova PhD student Ashimova E.A.
  • Name of research: “The study of the design features of special clothes for workers in the construction industry using computer technology” The head of research: Dr. Sc., Professor Ryskulova B.R. Performers R & D: Ganieva G.A., Art. Zhumataeva KA, prep. Kamalbaeva K.K., prep. Baymahanova M.B. Master student: Shamshetova K. B., Adilkhan Sh.

The teachers of the department take an active part in international scientific conferences and scientific seminars: Ivanovo (RF), Moscow (RF), Rostov-on-Don (RF), Sofia (Bulgaria), Astana , Almaty on the problems of improving the quality of products of light industry, published the results of their work in relevant publications.

The results of scientific and creative activities of faculty and students of the department are:

  • Kucharbayeva Kaldygul Zhumabayevna was awarded the A.Baitursynov Medal by the Association of Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • the first, second and third places for the report on RSPC “Science. Education. Youth”;
  • Organization and holding the International competition of fashion designers “Zhas Orken 2018”.

The results of  scientific work are: doctoral and master’s theses, applications for industrial designs and inventions, publication of articles in the open press, introduction into the educational process of developed programs and methods, design and construction documentation, as well as approbation at scientific and technical conferences and under production conditions. The scientific and theoretical significance and the applied value of all scientific work is confirmed by acts of approbation under the production conditions of the most advanced enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.