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Scientific and educational methodical work

Under the supervision of associate professor Aukhadieva Z.Zh. the department of State and foreign languages provides language preparation in Kazakh, Russian, English, German languages in all specialties of the University and is motivated to solve the problem of language competence of future specialists-graduates of АТU. 

Mainstream of educational, scientific and pedagogical work of the department is to work out the professional language concept of preparing students by their specialties.

Scientific-methodical work of the department is directed to study the specificity of language of professional communication in various spheres of economy, elaboration of effective techniques and development methods of communicative competence of students. 

Teachers of the department are engaged in scientific work and publications. Themes of papers and scientific articles are dedicated to actual issues and innovative methods of teaching in terms of new educational paradigm.

Results of scientific work are reflected in textbooks created by the department and teaching aids on profile of the university for students, undergraduates and students of distant form of education.

Last reporting year teachers of the department published 89 scientific printed works totaling 130.248 printer’s sheets, including 1 monograph, 17 tutorials, 28 articles, and 6 of them were published in far abroad, 7 in near abroad, 13 works were published in journals recommended by the Committee, 43 reports were made at scientific-practical conferences, 6 of them in far abroad, 4 in near abroad.