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Teachers of the department have published a number of scientific articles, monographies, textbooks and teaching aids on actual problems of language teaching: Kulazhanov K.S., Bekturov S.K., Bopishev V. S. «Тамақ өнеркәсібі және тұрмыстық қызмет мамандарына арналған қазақ тілі», Aukhadieva Z.Zh., Sagimova A.S., Abdrakhmanova K.Zh., Mekebaeva L.S., Baymuratova A.Zh Bekturova A.Sh. Техникалық жоғары оқу орындарының «Кәсіптік білім беру» мамандығына арналған «Кәсіби қазақ тілі», Esenova E.M., Jakipova L.S. «Профессионально-ориентированный английский язык» and Nizamova M.N. «Профессиональный русский язык», «Русский язык» Utesbaeva Zh.М. and etc.

Teachers implement innovative methods of teaching in the educational process in accordance with modern technologies and transition to the credit system of education. Collective scientific-methodical and copyrighted works of teachers of the department are assigned for both classroom and independent work of students. They are: Ergazieva N.I., Nizamova M.N., Eseteva A.T. «Teaching materials on the practical course of the Russian language for students studying on credit technology», Zhakipova M.N., Saparova A.A. «Professional Russian», Aukhadieva Z.Zh., Sagimova A.S. «Professional Kazakh for economics», Marinova N.I.,Yezhenova A.A. «Professionally-oriented English»,  Aukhadieva Z.Zh. «Business Kazakh», Yegemberdieva G.M. «Die professionelle deutsche Sprache für die Studenten der Nahrungsmittelindustrie», Yesenova E.M. «Grammar of the English language», Tleulinova M.B. «Professional English».

With the purpose of formation of speech culture and language competence of students in the field of terminology teachers of the department have published bilingual, trilingual dictionaries on economic, food and technological specialties: Konopelko F.K., Sagymova A.S. «German-Russian-Kazakh Dictionary of Light Industry and Textile Products», Yergazieva N.I., Nurgaliyeva G. S. «English-Russian-Kazakh dictionary of the food industry», Kabdrgalinova S.B., Arynova R. S. «English-Russian-Kazakh economic terminological vocabulary-minimum», Nizamova M.N. «Basic concepts and terms of specialties of food production: Educational Russian-Kazakh dictionary», Sagimova A.S., Аrynova R.S. «A few words about the terms» and etc.

Today, the activity of the Department of State and foreign languages is aimed to the further development and introduction of innovative methods of language teaching in educational process, elaboration of teaching aids, professionally-oriented dictionaries and collections of texts on specialties of Almaty Technological University in the aspect of language use as a means of intercultural communication, expansion and strengthening of international cooperation with the purpose of exchange of experience in teaching and improving the preparation of future specialists.