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Practice and employment

Professional practice of the Department “Design” have the goal to form a specialist-a graduate of professional skills, skills obtained at 2, 3, 4, 5 courses. All kinds of practices (undergraduate, academic and industrial) students were held at the enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  According to the results of the educational practice of students in the 1st year the average score is 3.6 points. According to the results of practical training, the average score is 3.8 points.

Summing up the results of the pre-diploma practice, it can be concluded that all students of the 4th and 5th year have passed the pre-diploma practice according to the results of the reports, the average score is 3.5 points. Students received positive feedback from the heads of enterprises and presented the report in full. Protection of reports on practice was accepted by the Commission, in the presence of teachers of Department.Graduates of the Department “Design” in demand and have a great demand in the labor market. Such enterprises as Kazlegprom-Almaty LLP, Altyn Ine Atelier, LLP company LLP. Sewing firm “Nika”, FE “Unikumclass”, FE “Zeman N. And” PI “Loshkareva”. Atelier “Tatyana”, LLP “Iprint”, LLP “МarkLine” PI “Antonov AV”, LLP “Zoe K”, Publishing house “Balalar adebieti”, Design Studio, designers ‘ Union of RK, etc. are in need of designers.

Graduates of the Department work in the field of industrial and graphic design: baykadamova anel designer expert PR and publishing Department of the state institution “Nazarbayev Center” (2004), Baitasov, Nurbibi designer Cablegram – Almaty (2010). There are graduates who have opened their own salons for the manufacture of light industry products: Alexey Nikonov (salon “Alekseev lace”), Dzhumataeva zhuldyzai-designer Shoe factory “ZHETISU” finalist Open WAY KFW, participant KFW. Graduates Leshcheva Natalia, Povelitsyna Anastasia, Zhusipali Naziya, etc., also work in their own design studios and studios. The Department of design uses new technologies and principles of the educational process, actively introducing new educational methods.

Students of the Department “Design “constantly participate in various international and national competitions such as” Young business Almaty”,” Young talents”,” fashion week”,” Engineering science and innovation”,” Ring of Eurasia”,” Zhas-Orken”, as well as scientific and technical conferences, exhibitions, forum ” Glory of hares. World of art.» The best students-technologists take part in the competition For the presidential scholarship “Bolashak”. On the international grant study in the Czech Republic the student moldakhmetova I.(2004), in the UK student Salieva S. (2006), in Singapore, students Sultan M. and Rysdauletova A. (2007.).

The University has the ability to provide objective information about available vacancies to unemployed graduates. Graduates who wish to engage in scientific activities have the right to enter the magistracy in the target direction.

The percentage of employment of graduates of the specialty 5B042100 – “Design” is 94%.