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Educational programs

Currently, the Department provides training on one educational program 5B042100 – “Design”, two trajectories of training – ” fashion Design “and”Graphic design”. Training is carried out on the basis of the license № 0137401 issued by the Committee for control of education and science of the Ministry of education and science of 03.02.2010 with validity – without limitation with the academic degree of bachelor of art.

Terms of training on the basis of secondary education is 5 years, on the basis of technical and professional – 4 years. Training of bachelors is carried out in full-time education in the state and Russian languages. Since 2016, the Department “Design” together with the European Institute of design (Italy, Como) signed a Memorandum of cooperation, and there is an agreement on a joint educational program. A joint curriculum designed for 5 years of study was signed, according to the SES of Kazakhstan in the specialty “Design”. In the 2016-2017 academic year, the program of double-degree education was opened jointly with the Almaty technological University and the Academy of fine arts. Aldo Galli (Italy, Como), specialty 5B042100 – “Design”.

In the framework of further cooperation with the Academy of fine arts. ALDOGALLIGROUP 18 October a round table was held with the staff from the Italian partners (designer Andrea Tossi, Roberto Boltri, Carmine, Barbara), and also chiefs of structural divisions and staff from the ATU and studying in a joint program. In 2017-2018 academic year in the framework of cooperation with the Academy of fine arts. Aldo Galli (Italy, Como) together with KFW Astana held a presentation Of the international competition “Fashionforfuture 2018”.

In the reporting year (October 2017) in the framework of the International scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the ATU representative of the Academy of fine arts. Aldo Galli (Ekaterina Antonova) held a meeting with teachers and students on SOPS, where they discussed the training of 3rd year students and living conditions in Italy. In the second half of the year in the framework of the international competition of young designers and fashion designers “Zhas – Orken 2018” was organized an interview with the students of the 2nd course in English and Italian. As well as students were presented creative portfolio and examination papers in the disciplines: “Methodology of design and methodology of collections”, ” Methodology of drawing. Chromatology”, “Digital applications for visual arts”.

The dual system is being improved, and therefore, in order to Orient future specialists to production activities in April 2017, Almaty technological University together with the Foundation “Beautiful children of Kazakhstan”, well-known Kazakh designers and light industry enterprises of Kazakhstan held the first international competition of young designers-designers “Steppeup”, which opened unique opportunities for young people from all regions of the country to prepare and Express their creative work to the court of the authoritative jury.

The project began on December 1 by sending questionnaires to all who wished to participate in the competition. Then the Artistic Council of the competition chose 9 of the best collections of the 44 invited participants. The art Council chose not only beautiful, but also commercially successful collections. The finalists were 4 students of the ATU, which was supervised by teachers of the Department “Design”. The authors need not only an idea or a concept, but also modern technology for the successful implementation of the project, so the selected collections were made on the basis of large domestic enterprises: LLP”, Kazspo-N Zibroo”, PKF LLP “Kazakhstan Textiline”, LLP “Production innovative company “Ютарияltd”. Each finalist created a capsule collection under the guidance of designers and designers of Kazakhstan brands Saken zhaksybayev (ZHSaken), Ayazhan zhaksybai (AikaAlemi) and Aida Kaumenova.